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breast cancer cells
cancer drug binding
flim fret map of hela chromosome
gene expression
hepato blastoma
human colon cancer
pet image brain

The Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre (CCIC) is a major collaboration between King's College London and UCL, supported by funding from CRUK, EPSRC, MRC and DoH (England).


Our mission is to develop novel imaging methods and applications across a wide range of technologies:

• To better understand cancer at the molecular, cellular and system scale.

• To enable translation of this understanding to improve diagnosis and staging, guidance and assessment of therapies and patient outcomes.


The centre aims to develop new imaging techniques and uses for existing advanced imaging technologies, including imaging equipment that allows scientists to watch cells in action by tracing radioactive markers injected into the patient’s body. These techniques will enable doctors to see therapies at work, identifying earlier which treatments work best for individual patients.


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